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T.H. Books for Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation organized for the charitable purpose of providing books for children who may not otherwise have access to a wide variety of appropriate reading material.

TH Books for Kids was formed by singer/songwriter/actor Tyler Hilton. He appeared in Walk the Line as the young Elvis Presley, in Charlie Bartlett as Murphy Bivens, and had an ongoing guest role on the CW show One Tree Hill appearing as Chris Keller. He released The Tracks of full length album in 2004, Better on Beachwood EP in 2009, Ladies and Gentlemen EP in 2010 and Forget the Storm full length album in 2012.

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Here's How!

  • Purchase books from the TH Books for Kids Store, the charity will receive a portion of all purchases. View store here. Shipping address can be found under Donate.
  • Send personal donations by check or money order to the address found on the donate page or through PayPal to thbooksforkids@aol.com.
  • Participate in group events to raise money for T.H. Books For Kids.
  • Suggest to Tyler and the Board of Directors where you think the donations should go. E-mail us at thbooksforkids@aol.com.
  • SPREAD THE WORD to all of your friends!!

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